How it works

Welcome to this virtual space, which is used to sell photos mainly from various sporting or social events.

The photos taken are mostly reportage, it happens that not all of them are perfectly sharp and light perfect.

It is therefore important to choose carefully to ensure that you are satisfied with the resulting purchase.

The individual galleries are password protected – anyone wishing to visit a gallery can find out the password at our physical booth, by asking at each gallery, or by emailing or phoning – +420 603 813 863.

How do we process your orders?

Just like at our physical booth, we will level the horizon and "crop" the printed photo if needed and remove excess space before printing. If you do not wish these adjustments, it is important to note this in the notes when ordering.

We offer digital photographs in two versions:

  • MAXI digital version, which has a resolution of (5472x3648 px)
  • MINI digital version (1883x1255 px)

The Maxi version is suitable for further use for high quality printing, presentation, media, family album...

The MINI version is sufficient for presentation on social media and for the family digital archive.

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